V2V Church Going through Trials

Pastor Douglas Goodman shares a church sermon about christians going through trials during a Wednesday evening servce at V2V Church Wembley.

Pastor Douglas Goodman The ministry of Angels

Pastor Douglas Goodman shares a message about the ministry of angels, but warns that we don't worship them.

Wednesday service from V2V church in Wembley

Pastor Erica Goodman V2V Church Choices you make

Pastor Erica Goodman sermon on Sunday 13th June 2010 about choices and the effect they have.

Pastor Douglas Goodman - What's in your hand

Pastor Douglas Goodman asks the question 'What's that in your hand'.

Sunday morning service from V2V church Wembley.

V2V Church Duane White 20th Jan 2010

Duane White guest minister at V2V Church on Wednesday 20th January 2010 during our evening service.

Duane White is a friend of Pastor Douglas Goodman and a regular visitor to V2V church in Wembley, London

Pastor Erica Goodman No more shinny Objects

Pastor Erica Goodman shares a message on 'No more shinny objects'

Sunday service from V2V Church Wembley

Dr Wanda Turner V2V Church

Dr Wanda Turner is a guest minister at V2V church where she shared a powerful message for all the family.

Run the race slowly Pastor Douglas Goodman

Pastor Douglas Goodman shares a message on the importance of not just allowing life to pass you by, but the run this race slowly.

Wednesday service from V2V Church